About Legend Kids

Keeping kids active, positive and motivated

kids tramping holiday programme NelsonLegend Kids is all about keeping kids active, positive and motivated. We want to help kids develop a love for physical activity, fitness and sport and an enthusiasm for adventure and new experiences.

Our hope is that this will set them up for life, so they won’t ever be content with staying on the sidelines or in their armchairs watching other people making the most of life.

Our after school and  school holiday programmes, as well as the Legend Kids Adventure Trust and other initiatives we are involved with, all have in common the idea that our bodies are meant for movement and that we can have more fun and gain more self-confidence by giving things a go. We can also become the kind of people who inspire good things in others.

We have a team of energetic staff who are enthusiastic about getting children involved in all kinds of activities. Make sure you give them a big wave and a grin if you pass them on the street – they are Legends! Thanks

Winter Holidays

Main Holiday Dates:
13 July to 17 July

Founders Dates:
6 July to 10 July

Holiday Schedules

Schedule currently listed on bookings page

Contact Us

Legend Kids Director: 021 175 0013

Onsite Supervisor: 027 335 6904

Email Us[email protected]